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In the Shadow of the Central Bus Station

The area of South Tel Aviv, particularly the neighborhoods of Shapira and Neve Sha’anan, is considered one of the poorest and more dangerous parts of Israel. Today it is inhabited by thousands of migrant workers and refugees from the global … Continue reading

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תשובה and Returning

Returning is an act of affirming, solidifying, or concretizing the past. It isn’t possible to return to something that does not exist, or to something that did not happen. But returning aslo reframes the past. It reflects a judgement that … Continue reading

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My gripe with secular judaism

Why do we take religious texts, strip them of their religious content, and then attempt to use the left-over fragments as justification for social justice? The thinkers we read operate within a deeply religious system of thought. The basis for … Continue reading

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“What are you doing up so early,” she asked. She played with her ponytail, her eyes focused down at the table. “It’s too hot. I couldn’t sleep,” I said. It was before seven, and I’d already been awake and sweating … Continue reading

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First Post from Israel: On the Plane, then Off the Plane

Forget Birthright: you don’t need to actually send young Jews to Israel. Just have them sit on a plane – it doesn’t necessarily need to go  anywhere – and tell them it’s destined for Ben Gurion Airport. Make them sit … Continue reading

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