What Do We Call Apartheid?

What do we call a country that devises a plan of territorial separation and military occupation for a population living under its control?



What do we call a country that requires members of a population under its control to carry specific identity cards in order to travel outside of designated areas?

What do we call a country that permits areas self-government based on ethnic lines for a population living under its control, but restricts all political rights to those areas?



What do we call a country that maintains two separate judicial systems, one for citizens with full rights and one for non-citizens with limited rights?

What do we call a country that maintains military rule over millions of people who have no vote in determining the policies of the army that rules over them?

Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion

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One Response to What Do We Call Apartheid?

  1. Rhetoric, rhetoric, rhetoric…. I can show you far more graphic images of terrorism against Israeli citizens here and abroad, that make your depictions above moot to the bigger picture and issues at hand.

    For all your efforts, you sound more Palestinian than a person of Jewish descent. One more thing, take a look at the story of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, murdered in 2011. He was a patsy for them, and a great tool for the very things you keep mentioning without any substantial depth or conviction. I can use buzzwords also but it is the context and depth in which they are used, that I can discern sincerity and conviction that will give depth to a statement that resonates i the heart, and not just in the head.

    And that is final word… It is head-strong rhetorical discourse, not true conviction based on truth or reality. So, your substance is not substance at all, just rhetorical fluff, much like whipped cream on top of chocolate mocha.

    To cite a Burger King commercial that aired before you were ever born, “where’s the beef?” I am sure you can YouTube it, is has a metaphor in it, that is salient to what I am discussing with you.

    I truly wish you well, Josh. I have given you what you need t go from well to excellence. I pray you heed my words…

    Shalom and Selah,

    David Castelli

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