Pictures from the Social Protest – May 11, 2013

Police move to neutralize an obviously dangerous protester.

Police move to neutralize an obviously dangerous protester.

Police cameraman videos protesters

Police cameraman videos protesters


"No future, no hope" with Lapid's budget

“No future, no hope” with Lapid’s budget

The human roadblock begins

The human roadblock begins

Da'am leads the anti-austerity charge

Da’am leads the anti-austerity charge

Protesters move to take the Ibn Gabirol intersection

Protesters move to take the Ibn Gabirol intersection

The poverty line, hung above Rothschild Boulevard

The poverty line, hung above Rothschild Boulevard

An overwhelming presence - police and border guard on scene

An overwhelming presence – police and border guard on scene

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2 Responses to Pictures from the Social Protest – May 11, 2013

  1. Lots of rhetorical phrases, no substance. What was “neutralized?” You not giving an accurate or honest rendition of what is taking place, you are creating a self-serving depiction by your own words about what is taking place. The pictures show no climactic clash against these people, you hyped up the imagery to represent something it is not.

    That is blatantly dishonest of you, and discredits any integrity that could have been ascribed to you with this topic.

    Your zeal without wisdom, is a dangerous as a testosterone overload in a 16-year-old boy in a turbo-charged Ferrari: Without discretion or restraint, harm will be created.

    Until you create a dialogue of reconciliation, you are furthering an atmosphere if divisiveness. As a fellow American of Jewish descent, I am patently aware of the toxic sources of your beliefs about Eretz Israel, and the political leanings behind them. You swallow corrupt indoctrination like a parched man in the desert, but do not discern or apply critical thinking to that you swallowed.

    Tragically, that makes you a patsy for those so politically motivated who hate the Jewish people, her State, and want to deny Israel’s future, if possible. If you are a student of the Tanakh at all, you would realize the magnitude of the last 65 years, rather than attempt with sophomoric effort to steer it away from a rightful destiny.

    Does that mean that we do not seek redress for wrongs, etc. that are made along the way? Of course not. Even as we speak, the IRS, FBI, the Secretary of State, and the White House is under intense scrutiny for events taking place in our government, which in turn, is experiencing the pain of accountability. However, civil, constructive efforts are effectively causing this season of accountability to proceed, nobody needed to scream at the President of the Senate to take notice of the issues, and interrupt a session of Congress.

    You can scour the congressional records, you will find no accounts of Dr. King doing such a thing in the name of “civil rights.” Your liberal interpretation of the man is almost abusive of what his words and intentions were about, you need to conduct unbiased research, and you will know the truth clearly.

    Knowledge, wisdom and a gracious tongue–even in disagreement–will further any dialogue for effective progress over time. Time is what you need, so you can add the most important arbitrator of them all in these matters: MATURITY…

    Fancy college diction does not mean you have it together, it just shows a good packaging effort for less than desirable content.

    Ponder that, rather than fly off the handle with an instant knee-jerk reaction. If you do, you are teachable. If not, you will remain as you are, immature, misguided, good-intentioned (I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and grace fr that one!) and completely wrong political parrot of the leftists.

    ~Selah ~

    David Castelli

    • Josh Leifer says:

      The caption with the word “neutralize” was said sarcastically. I thought the sarcasm would be clear from the other words in the sentence – I guess it wasn’t. I’m troubled that you assume I’m not a dedicated, practicing Jew. I care about Israel because of its religious significance to the Jewish people. But I think Israel’s current policies are in opposition to the great values of the Tanakh, Talmud, and our tradition.

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