A few thoughts and an update…

In the past on this blog, I generally shied away from more personal or emotional posts and tended to focus on politics. This blog is going to remain a place where I share my thoughts about ideology and current events, but I want to change the format a bit. My posts will be, well, a bit more blog-y. Probably shorter – more quick observations and comments on passages from books, fewer longer expository pieces. I still intend to write longform essays, but I’m going to try to post my Israel-related stuff on my Times of Israel blog. This will open up The New Partisan a bit more to be both more personal and more topically varied.

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4 Responses to A few thoughts and an update…

  1. Michael Pielet says:

    You little snot. The land of israel belongs to the Jewish people and we are not going to let a little snot like you sit at Princeton and give away our land.

    You like to use big words of hate and incitement, “apartheid”, “occupation”, etc. unfortunately
    you have no idea what these words mean.

    Yes, there is occupation, arabs living on Jewish land, and 22 arab states that practice apartheid.

    My sons and grandsons were and are fighters in the Israeli Defense Forces.

    What have you done for israel.

    You little snot keeping sitting at Princeton.

    You are too close minded to educate yourself into the realities of the middle east, Israel,

    and the Jewish people.



  2. fojap says:

    I like it when people can write about things in a measured thoughtful way whether or not I agree with it. I’m looking forward to seeing you write more often and about a broader range of topics. It might be interesting even if it’s a little more “blogy.”

  3. Gerald Blume says:

    Dear Josh ..I write this not out of anger but sorrow..Unfortunately based on what you have written I can only conclude that you are void of true Yiddishkeit.It is born out of a spiritual Shoa that has been on going in the Galus for decades.Its called progressive Judaism where PC has replaced religion. Young Jews like yourself wouldn’t know a Jewish precept if they tripped over it..Josh…we have a deed to the land called Torah..it was given to us by the Almighty..Oh I know that’s not fashionable to say and believe but your approach to Judaism is what has destroyed it in America..Were. it not for authentic Judaism we would not exist today..Naftaly Bennett symbolizes a complete antithesis to this insanity..A fighter , entrepreneur and most importantly a believer…that my friend is the trend in Israel…again the complete antithesis of what is happening in your world..do yourself a favor and get thee to a Chabad house..Jewish guilt is defined as believing what they say about you..Get rid of it!

  4. Bob Thomas says:

    Joshua, your “wisdom” is only a FIGMENT of your imagination; like “PALESTINE” is only a FIGMENT of Hadrian’s imagination…
    If you and 15 followers would bow only to The G-D of ISRAEL, and not rebellion, it would be your first step towards acquiring TRUE WISDOM! You all stand for nothing righteous and have fallen into a downward spiral…
    P.S. You and your followers “profile” is just like that of Mankind’s adversary STN and its minions: homeless, Fatherless, proudly the enemy of Ha Shem and all of ISRAEL and those who stand for Ha Shem and all of ISRAEL. You all are spiritually broke, busted and disgusted… YOUR SILENCE WOULD BE GOLDEN.

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