The blog returns, possibly

When I first started writing this blog more than two years ago, it was mostly to record my thoughts on the books I was reading during the last months of high school. This blog has changed a lot since then. But, this summer, now that I have time to read, I might go back to posting about books. I ended up with more free time than I expected. And while that means I’m living at home again, having more time to think and write might not necessarily be a bad thing.

I’m reluctant to start posting again about politics, current affairs, and, especially, Israel/Palestine partly because I have opportunities to write that I did not have during my year in Israel. It also takes a certain degree of hubris to maintain a blog. A blogger needs to believe that his particular take on what’s happening in the world is worth sharing with the rest of the world. And I don’t think I have anything to say about politics, philosophy, or current events that other, smarter people haven’t already said in more interesting and more articulate ways. That I’m going to start posting about books doesn’t mean I think I have anything special to say about literature, either. I do, however, like the idea of keeping a record, a kind of archive that I can scroll though, of quotations from books and essays and my thoughts about those quotations.

Still, I’m not going to rule out the possibility of posting like I used to on this blog. If I find myself with enough time, motivation, and indignation to write the longer, polemical essays that I used to (somewhat embarrassingly) post, I probably will. Sometimes, I just need to write. And I like the idea of having an outlet to exercise that need. It’s more likely, though, that if I begin to post more than the occasional comment on an essay or book, the posts will be more fragmentary chunks of brainstorming for larger essays or articles.

More to come. Maybe.

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