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For Young, Progressive Jews, Opposing the Occupation is an Inter-Generational Struggle

How the last best tactic we have to fight the occupation might be the most difficult to put into most practice. American Jewry is complicit in the occupation. American Jews send millions of dollars and thousands of people across the … Continue reading

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The Limits of Sentimental Zionism

On Friday afternoon, a late-middle-aged woman, who I will call M. sat down across from me at table in a coffee-shop. “You must be worried about what’s happening with Israel,” she said. M. had probably seen the Hebrew sticker on the … Continue reading

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On the war of images and words

I promised myself I wasn’t going to write anything about Israel’s assault on Gaza. And I’m not going to–there is no shortage of articles, polemics, and analysis. But I am going to write a little bit about what others are … Continue reading

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