At Princeton you can get paid to lie to campus leaders about Israel

This isn’t news to most people, but it’s important to remember.

The David Project, part of the Israel on Campus Coalition (along with Hillel International), is an Israel advocacy organization with affiliates on a number of major American university campuses. It likens itself to “a consulting agency for Israel clubs.” Its modus operandi is to explain Israel’s behavior to students, especially student leaders, to “change the campus conversation.” The David’s Project best known tactic is its “Latte Initiative,” through which it provides grant money for pro-Israel student organizers to take their peers out to coffee dates and pay for their coffee.

At Princeton, the pro-Israel group Tigers for Israel offers a David Project Fellowship that pays a $200 stipend. The fellows will pay for your coffee, and all you need to do is let them explain why Israel isn’t the increasingly undemocratic, civilian-population subjugating, pariah state in-the-making that the New York Times claims it is, just don’t ask them about the occupation.

Oh, and The David Project was founded by well-known neoconservative Charles Jacobs who had this to say about the idea behind the organization:

unless you expose and humiliate and taunt and legally threaten and politically challenge the use of the podium as propaganda, and unless you fight the cultural relativist paradigm where no one is allowed to say ‘Hey, that’s a lie’…then you have a problem.” (via the Forward)

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