back again

I haven’t posted here since the summer, but the depths of winter break have drawn me back.

Since the start of last semester, an anti-occupation divestment campaign was launched at Princeton. All throughout the semester, I wanted to write about what divestment activists were up against and maybe, in doing so, provide a resource for other students looking to run divestment campaigns at their own schools.

The divestment campaign started when a group of tenured professors circulated a letter calling for the University to divest from companies operating in the occupied West Bank. That generated a whole flurry of op-eds and debates, and a lot of activist energy on campus. What, perhaps naively, I didn’t expect, was how the vast apparatus of pro-Israel programming and organizing would jump into action. Divestment activists, working only with what they have, go up against an opponent that is willing to spend millions of dollars to defeat them. The fight isn’t even close to fair. But even with all the money and power that defenders of the occupation have on their side, they are loosing and they know it.

The next couple of posts will most likely be a series of observations about the political terrain at Princeton and how it is stacked against those working to end the occupation. But since it is break, and I’m writing a bunch of papers, there may be a few posts about some other things, too.

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