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The Booker-Romney Ticket for NJ Senator

I am no lover of New Jersey or New Jersey politics. But after returning to find the Garden State in election-time frenzy I feel obliged to comment on current political landscape. A lot has been said already about Cory Booker’s … Continue reading

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We’ve known for a while that capitalism is depressing, but now we know it isn’t just hurting us: it’s hurting our kids, too.

Volunteering with the children of migrant workers, I get to see the human side of the grinding, global capitalist engine – the unceasing movement of labor and capital and the power of creative destruction. In Israel, the boom in the … Continue reading

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In the Shadow of the Central Bus Station

The area of South Tel Aviv, particularly the neighborhoods of Shapira and Neve Sha’anan, is considered one of the poorest and more dangerous parts of Israel. Today it is inhabited by thousands of migrant workers and refugees from the global … Continue reading

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Quotes of the Day – April 25, 2012

I haven’t found a lot of time to post or even read recently because of college visits and general craziness at school. But, now that things have calmed down a bit, I should have more time to read and write. … Continue reading

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Austerity and Dependence

Welcome to the era of the gerontocracy. The call for austerity measures, in the forms of the Ryan and Obama budgets, has been issued. The American public has been asked to reckon with the facts: Today the ratio of working … Continue reading

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On Morality

“Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it’s just the opposite.” – John Kenneth Galbraith   In any lengthy debate of communism versus capitalism, both systems are often accused of being inherently immoral.  Capitalism is said to encourage people to … Continue reading

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Regulation: Online vs. Offline

By Tom Silver Recently, I’ve been considering the parallels between regulation of the world wide web and regulation of the economy. Though public debates surrounding internet regulation have simmered down for now (remember that whole SOPA thing?), they will no … Continue reading

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